David A. Grimes, M.D.
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August 1, 2014, New York Daily News: Be cautious about the new study linking birth control pills and breast cancer, doctors warn

August 1, 2014, Reuters.com: The pill linked to breast cancer risk for younger women

July 11, 2013, New York Times: Quote of the day

May 17, 2013, WBUR: Is it 'unethical' to prescribe bed rest for pregnant women?

May 8, 2013, wunc.org: Senate committee approves abortion teaching bill

May 8, 2013, Raleigh News and Observer: Senate bill requires abortion education

April 21, 2013, Washington Post: Problems at Pa. abortion clinic point to lack of facilities oversight

January 21, 2013, Business Week: Women would travel for abortions if Roe falls, study says

January 17, 2013, Business Week: How state governments are regulating away abortion

October 19, 2012, Los Angeles Times: Doctors dispute 'inaccurate' abortion claim from Rep. Joe Walsh

October 19, 2012, Chicago Tribune: Walsh abortion comments ignite firestorm

August 22, 2012, Seattle Times: Where Akin got the idea that rape victims rarely get pregnant

August 24, 2012, Philadelphia Tribune: Akin's rape remarks offensive, dangerous

August 22, 2012, Anderson Coooper 360: Akin's claims called "utter hogwash"

August 21, 2012, UPI: Akin's take on rape goes back decades

August 20, 2012, New York Times: Health experts dismiss assertions on rape

February 27, 2012, New York Times: Americans get reaquainted with IUDs

January 23, 2012, Chicago Tribune: Abortion safer than giving birth: study

August 17, 2011, Slate: Baby fat. Do birth control pills make women gain weight?

July 26, 2011, msnbc.com: Risky pelvic mesh highlights worries about FDA process

June 26, 2011, New York Times: Several states forbid abortion after 20 weeks

May 5, 2011, newsobserver.com: Dome: five Democrats help pass GOP's budget

May 4, 2011, news-record.com: N.C. lawmakers consider abortion information requirements

April 27, 2011, abcnews.com: Birth control pills: some carry higher risk of blood clots

January 20, 2011, The Inquirer Digital: Philly abortion murder case fuels national debate

September 27, 2010, Washington Post: After 10 years in US, abortion pill still divisive

July 14, 2010, New York Times: The new abortion providers

September, 26, 2009, New York Times: Health concerns over popular contraceptives

September 1, 2009, Washington Post: Abortion stigma affects doctors' training and choices.

2009, The Female Patient.com: Intrauterine contraception: pearls from the Cochrane Library

2009, National Partnership for Women and Families: 'Forgettable contraception' most effective in preventing pregnancy, commentary says

2009, Managing Contraception: Questions and answers

2009, RANZCOG: Global reproductive health - what are the challenges?

January 30, 2009, Newsweek: The baby keeper

2008, Modern Women's Health.com: Mirena IUD -- it might spare you a hysterectomy

2008, Cosmopolitan: Will having an abortion raise my risk of breast cancer?

2008, Cookie: Inside job: IUDs

September 8, 2008, ReachMD radio: The IUD renaissance

July 23, 2008, News 14 Carolina: 200 UNC doctors among state's best

May 8, 2008, Everything Marriage Blog: IUDs prevent cancer

May 7, 2008, Reuters India: IUD seen to reduce cancer risk

May 7, 2008, Medical News Today:Benefits Of IUD Extend Beyond Contraception Expert Says

May 7, 2008, MSNBC: IUDs prevent cancer

December 6, 2007, New York Times: Teenage Birth Rate Rises for First Time Since 91

October 8, 2007, RxPG News: David Grimes, FHI physician, inducted into Institute of Medicine

April 19, 2007, ABC News: 'Partial-Birth' Abortion Ruling a Mistake: Physicians

December 7, 2006, World Health Organization: The Lancet Sexual & reproductive health series

November 17, 2006, U.S. News and World Report: Reproductive Health Experts Slam Bush Appointment

November 17, 2006, The Population Institute: Sexual and reproductive health movement robbed of allies

November 6, 2006, Truthout.org: Annually, Over 20 Million Abortions Worldwide Are Unsafe

November 5, 2006, Medical News Today: Global Pandemic Of Unsafe Abortion Highlighted In Landmark Series In The Lancet

November 4, 2006, Voice of America: Unsafe Abortions Cost Lives, Money

November 2, 2006, Forskning.no (Norway): Lovlig og trygg abort gir bedre helse

October 10, 2006, Washington Post: Labor Drug Assailed; Article Challenges Mag Sulfate Use

August 6, 2006, Chicago Tribune: Question marks in debate over periods

July 19, 2006, ABC News: New Birth Control Implant Approved by FDA

April 29, 2006, ABC News: Excerpt: 'No More Periods'

April, 2006, Women's Health: Your period on pause

February 15, 2006, The Independent: A bigger threat

January 26, 2006, Raleigh News and Observer: Pill's link to weight gain might be myth

January 25, 2006, BioEd Online: Contraceptive pill 'does not cause weight gain'

November 7, 2005, Salon.com: Dr. Pill to the rescue

October 17, 2005, Foxnews.com: New contraceptive reduces PMS

October 7, 2005, Science: Plan B: A collision of science and politics

August 28, 2005, National Public Radio: Article Gauges Fetal Ability to Sense Pain

August 25, 2005, CNN: Fetal "pain"

August 24, 2005, New York Times: Study Finds 29-Week Fetuses Probably Feel No Pain and Need No Abortion Anesthesia

August, 2005,HR Magazine: Covering contraception...

January 3, 2005, Discover Magazine: FDA Rejects Over-the-Counter Sales of Morning-After Pills

August 24, 2004, New York Times: PERSONAL HEALTH; The Politics of Emergency Contraception

March, 2004, Shape: Four times a year, period!

December 17, 2003, Chicago Tribune: Panel backs wider access to 'morning-after pill'

April 22, 2003, New York Times: Possible Ban on Abortion Technique Leaves Doctors Uneasy

February 1, 2003, Discover Magazine: The scientist who hated abortion

November 15, 2002, Nonprescription Medicines Digest: Over-the-counter emergency contraception

June 26, 2002, ABC News: Study: The Pill Is Not Linked to Cancer

June 20, 2002, Raleigh News and Observer: Choices: not just the pill

September/October, 2001, Mother Jones: The quiet war on abortion

August 22, 2001, ABC News: New IUDs Safer

April 10, 2001, New York Times: PERSONAL HEALTH; Pregnancy Prevention, the Morning After

March 29, 2001, The Nation: This warning may be hazardous to your health

March 25, 2001, U.S. News and World Report: The pill has company: the patch, the ring, the shot

April 5, 2000, San Francisco Chronicle: Stanford Surgeon's Procedures Raise Ethical and Legal Red Flags

July 11, 1999, New York Times: The Little White Bombshell

May 4, 1994, New York Times: Abortion Pill To Be Tested In a New Use

June 22, 1993, CBS Evening News: High-tech medicine

March 31, 1993, New York Times: Abortion Clinics Seek Doctors but Find Few

October 8, 1992, New York Times: NEW USE IS FOUND FOR ABORTION PILL

May 4, 1992, Time: Abortion the Future Is Already Here

August 12, 1991, Time: Why Isn't Our Birth Control Better?

March 21, 1989, Washington Post: Abortion Since Roe v. Wade: Safer, Earlier and at a `Plateau'