David A. Grimes, M.D.
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National and international teaching


A popular teacher and speaker, Dr. Grimes has given invited lectures and served as a visiting professor at leading academic medical centers across the United States and Canada.

Distinguished Lectureships

Ernest W. Page Memorial Lecture, UCSF

John S. Long Lecture, Rush University Medical Center

Max Bulian Memorial Lecturer, Beth Israel Hospital, Boston

Bitterman Distinguished Lecturer, Beth Israel Medical Center, New York

Eliot L. Silbar Memorial Lecturer, Northwestern University School of Medicine

Paul C. Weinberg Memorial Lecturer, American Society for Psychosomatic Obstetrics and Gynecology

Frank R. Lock Lecturer, Bowman Gray School of Medicine

Visiting Professor, Alpha Omega Alpha, UCSF

C. Houston Alexander Lecturer, St. Joseph Hospital, Denver

Rumbolz Visiting Professor, University of Nebraska Medical Center

Rubovits Memorial Lecturer, University of Illinois at Chicago

John Figgis Jewett Lecturer, Massachusetts Medical Society

Catherine L. Dobson Visiting Professor, University of Chicago

Rudolph Holmes Memorial Lecturer, Chicago Gynecological Society

Duncan Reid Lecturer, Harvard Medical School

Julian Wells Memorial Lecturer, Baylor University Medical Center

Atlee Memorial Lecturer, Dalhousie University School of Medicine, Halifax, Nova Scotia

Frank Kaltreider Memorial Lecturer, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

Frederick Zuspan Scholar and Allan Barnes Memorial Lecturer, Ohio State University College of Medicine

R. T. Weaver Lecturer, McMaster University School of Medicine

Bradford W. Kincheloe Lecturer, University of Tennessee, Memphis

Kristine Sandberg Knisely Lectureship Award, University of Pennsylvania

Henderson Lecturer, University of Toronto

Martin L. Stone, M.D. Lecturer, Stony Brook University Health Sciences Center

Robert C. Knapp, M.D. Lecturer, Brigham and Women’s Hospital

Leo J. Dunn, M.D. Lecturer, Medical College of Virginia

Sam Seeds Visiting Professor, University of Cincinnati Medical Center

A. Marsh Poulson, Jr., M.D. Lectureship, University of Utah

John Atkinson Ferrell 10th Annual Lectureship and Prize, University of North Carolina School of Medicine

John Rock Lecturer, University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine

Charles A. Hunter, Jr. Lecturer, Indiana University School of Medicine

Jacob Probstein Lecturer, Washington University in St. Louis

William E. Studdiford, Jr., Memorial Lecturer, NYU School of Medicine

Ernest W. Page Memorial Lecturer, UCSF

Paul C. Weinberg Memorial Lecture, North American Society for Psychosocial Obstetrics and Gynecology

John S. Long Lecturer, Rush University Medical Center

Perlmutter Lecturer, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

J. Marion Sims Lecturer, American Urogynecologic Society

James and Midge Breededn Lecturer, ACOG

Visiting Professorships

George Washington University School of Medicine

Georgetown University School of Medicine

University of Illinois College of Medicine at Urbana-Champaign

Louisiana State University School of Medicine

University of North Carolina School of Medicine

University of California, Irvine College of Medicine M.D.-Ph.D. Program

Mayo Clinic

University of Massachusetts School of Medicine

Maricopa County General Hospital

University of Indiana School of Medicine

Brown University School of Medicine

University of Illinois at Chicago

University of Nebraska Medical Center

Christiana Medical Center, Wilmington, Delaware

Weill-Cornell Medical Center

University of Michigan Medical Center

University of Cincinnati Medical Center

Mayo Clinic

University of Utah